Reality Pirovino, Ep St.Gallen

I met Fabio in New York in 2013. The building I lived in was a Chinese apartment complex called Canal Condo and he lived and worked in a loft across the street. That winter we did a show together in a friends place in the east village. Later I moved back to Switzerland where I live in a modernist building in St.Gallen.

Fabio is back in Zurich and still has some stuff stored at his parents house in Basel while my basement is crazy full and my parents live in Shanghai. Last time I saw him his friend Clément brought him a plastic bag with a painting he made in NY. French fashion house Études Studio used a motive Fabio did on the back wall of Kunsthalle Basel in 2010 for their hoodies and t-shirts collection AW2016. At Hogar Espagnol, a local tavern in St.Gallen, a reproduction of Guernica, which served Fabio as inspiration, can be seen painted on the wall. Picasso painted Guernica in 35 days. In his own words, his 'whole life as an artist has been nothing more than a continuous struggle against reaction and the death of art.'

Within the shopwindow facing Lämmlisbrunnenstrasse Fabio Pirovino shows new work of finger and hand drawn scribble paintings in various dimensions and vibrant colors. Compiled as bricks, they suggest architectonic elements but their subjective layering and gestural surface speak more the lyrical language of inner thoughts and movement.


The works Modern nredom 2013/2014, 1968, the études hoodies all speak of realms of reality in which the artist moves along—one that follows the passing of time, one that entered the collective consciousness as an empowering moment of liberation, one in which artistic output circulates in the economic fabric of fashion and one which is well spend for one night chatting away at Pirovino's wine bar among friends and strangers.

At the opening Fabio will host a candlelight lit winebar at Eisengasse 3.


Reality Pirovino is also the name of an oversized T-shirt made of digitally printed heavy cotton with a long back panel from the AW 2016 collection from Études Studio.