The Turtle - CCLB Reenactment in collaboration with Manila Institute as part of Löwenbräu lebt

Produced by 印 (epepep) & Manila Institute
Directed by Jiajia Zhang & Justin Caguiat
Based on the screenplay by Yukio Ban & Miguel Hernandez (Ching Chong Latino Boys)
Starring Aurelia Guo, Bryant Canelo, Janine Rosen, Sayuri Chetti, Rhiannon Morgan-Hatch, Felix Bächli, Charles Uzor
Life Performances by Momoko Berthold and Adrian Mettler


‘Löwenbräu lebt’ organised by Kunsthalle Zürich
Curated by Michelle Akanji, Daniel Baumann, Lily-Pauline Koper (Kunsthalle Zürich) und Oliver Roth (Künstler)
Door opening & Bar: 19:30
with a performance at 22:30 - 23:00


"An android/human diplomat tries to negotiate the release of Venusian/American Prisoners captured on a privatized human colony on Mars, run by Findot Corporation. Caught between the prisoners' allegiances to Democratic Mars Colony America, a Venusian ambassador's Catholic zeal and apathy in equal measures, and an impervious corporate colony general, our hero pursues a course of altruism towards ambiguous ends.

Adapted from the controversial one-act play penned by Ching Chong Latino Boys (CCLB) founders Yukio Ban and Miguel Hernandez and originally staged in 1978 in San Francisco. Epepep & Manila Institute will present a one-night screening, performance, and installation of The Turtle."